The time I got stolen by KLM

This is a real thing. It happened in my last trip flying with KLM. I bought a ticket from Barcelona to my natal country, Guatemala.

How all of this begun

After almost a year since the last time I went to Guatemala, it was time to see my new nephew and see my family. I bought a ticket, the flight was operated with KLM and my schedule was:

  • Barcelona to Amsterdam (KLM 1666)
  • Amsterdam to Mexico City (KLM 685)
  • Mexico City to Guatemala (Avianca 2617)

On the 11th of July I took the first flight in Barcelona, excited about it. I bought a couple of presents (wine of course) and a special present for my sister, an iPhone 6s that I wanted to give her.

My first experience with KLM

Back in October 2014 I had my first flight with KLM, my destination, South Korea. I don’t remember too much about the flight but I remembered I enjoyed it.

Back from Seoul, I thought it was a good idea to visit my guatemalan friend in Germany, so I changed my flight and extend it.

My first issue was when I asked to reschedule my flight to a week after my original departure, my surprise was when I was in Schiphol airport the day of my flight back to Guatemala, they booked my flight wrongly and I had to stay at the airport to take a flight the next day, they didn’t give a place to stay, so without other clothes nor something to be warm I slept there. This happened after an argue about which had the fault of booking it, me or the counter woman.

Long story short, I was in Guatemala, not a big deal, just a bad experience.

About the trip to Guatemala

I had a long layover in Mexico City so I visit a friend and had some tacos and a nice sleep, the next day (12th of July) I was in Mexico City airport, I went to the counter and got my new ticket, and this is when it starts to get interesting.

I had to go to Aeromexico to have my ticket from KLM (nothing strange here, I know that airlines cooperate between each other), but I was surprised when it was an Avianca flight I had to take.

So, I had the tickets with KLM, go to Aeromexico to take my ticket for an Avianca flight.

My bag, my stuff

When I arrived to Guatemala, I got my bag and wait my father to get me from the airport, I was really happy about see him again and to know that he is good and happy too!

When I was at my house, I opened my bag and my surprise… it was all messed up, and I thought, “well probably it was because of the flights”, I search for my sister present and violà, it wasn’t there…

I was really worried, I mean, it wasn’t a new phone but I take alot of care with my things, and the phone was in an optimal state, with all the accesories, and even the original box.

When I ask for answers

I approached KLM, telling them the story you already know and they kindly start “helping me”, then a message that I receive made me a little angry.


I approached Avianca, as they told me and explained the same story (and was the plane I went from Mexico to Guatemala).

And this was their answer…


I (even more worried) approached Aeromexico, and again explained what happened. My surprise, they told me that that kind of objects weren’t covered.


WHAT!? So, it’s my fault that I had a phone in my bag, a valuable thing shouldn’t be in the checked baggage, but that’s not the point.

So, what’s the point?

Somebody opened my bag, in this case they stole something from it, but what if they put something in my bag, something that is not mine, or even worse… something that is not mine and is illegal.

I don’t know what to do, I feel that I can’t trust airlines, I want my phone back, and I need to know what happened.

This is my desperated attempt to have a little of notice about what happened to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one that had this issue and I want airlines to be more responsible of the people that fly with them, and to have some emphathy about it.

Non of them want to take responsability and they are just passing the ball between each other.

Please, help me and share this story. Make this happen and help avoid another person to be in this situation.